COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

April 23, 2020 – Re-open Saskatchewan Plan – The government of Saskatchewan launched a 5 phase to methodically and responsibly re-open business in Saskatchewan. You can read more about the phases and timing of each phase on the Saskatchewan Website.


It is our desire to provide you with reliable information on the rapidly changing coronavirus COVID-19 event and precautions and closures.  Please use the links provided to obtain reliable information.  We, and the R.M. of Snipe Lake believe it is important that you receive factual information as it becomes available.  These websites will be updated regularly by the Provincial and Federal Authorities.

Federal Government Website

Provincial Government Website

COVID-19 Updates

Self Test – there is a basic “self test” that you can go through to determine if you should be tested.  As the site says, those with symptoms or having traveled from strongly affected countries should consider being tested. 

Calling 811 will give you access to trained medical staff who can assist you.  Testing is available at the Eston Health Clinic but their request is that you only do this in consultation with the Clinic Staff. The local clinic number is 306-962-3215.