COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

March 28, 2020 – Check out the Saskatchewan Healthy Authority website for relevant articles and information such as coping while in self-isolation

Effective March 25, City-owned playground structures will close until further notice. This action was necessary because the shared surfaces people touch – especially playground equipment – should not be used right now for the health and safety of you and your family.

As we recognize the importance of getting fresh air and exercise each day, spaces including trails, dog parks and public squares remain open. Visitors must maintain a safe, two-metre (six feet) distance away from others using outdoor spaces. Consider outings by yourself or with just one other person at the appropriate distance. Sports fields should not be used for organized sports or play, and do not play any games, sports and activities, like soccer and shinny hockey, that put you in close contact with others. Visit for the latest information.

March 24, 2020 COVID-19 Update; All travellers returning from international destinations – including the United States – are subject to a mandatory self-isolation order. Violation of the order may result in a $2,000 fine.

March 23th, the Town of Eston Office will be closed to public access. We are still here to serve; taking payments and to answer questions. Please note there is a payment drop box at the side door.

Recreation facilities and the Library will be closed until further notice. At this time the use of the AGT Community Centre will be closed to the general public. This includes but not limited to bowling alley, meeting spaces, skating & ice surface, and the curling surface.

Installing of the new water meter end points will also be on hold as a precaution.

We, and the R.M. of Snipe Lake, are aware that there are those who do not have internet access or facebook.  Please consider who you, as a neighbour or friend, might phone to ensure they are aware and also, if they are suffering any symptoms, that they are aware of the procedures for getting tested.  Should they have any practical needs, consider dropping off groceries or medications that they might need, while at the same time ensuring your own health (example, drop off supplies on step so as to avoid coming into contact).

It is our desire to provide you with reliable information on the rapidly changing coronavirus COVID-19 event and precautions and closures.  Please use the links provided to obtain reliable information.  We, and the R.M. of Snipe Lake believe it is important that you receive factual information as it becomes available.  These websites will be updated regularly by the Provincial and Federal Authorities.

Federal Government Website

Provincial Government Website

COVID-19 Updates

Self Test – there is a basic “self test” that you can go through to determine if you should be tested.  As the site says, those with symptoms or having traveled from strongly affected countries should consider being tested. 

Calling 811 will give you access to trained medical staff who can assist you.  Testing is available at the Eston Health Clinic but their request is that you only do this in consultation with the Clinic Staff. The local clinic number is 306-962-3215.