Building Permits

Residents are required by bylaw to obtain a building, moving or demolition permit for projects as defined by Provincial and Federal legislation.

How do I contact the Building Inspector?

The Town’s Residential Building Inspector is Bob Hubbard of B&D Contract Service. He can be contacted regarding all residential projects at 306-672-7543 or

The Town’s Commercial Building Inspector is Dan Knutson. He can be contacted regarding all commercial projects at 306-773-8814, 306-741-7844 or

How do I get a building permit?

Building and demolition permits can be purchased at the Town Office. They must be approved by both Town Council and the Building Inspector before work commences.

All work must be approved by the Building Inspector before, throughout and upon completion of the project.

Download a building permit application or pick one up at the Town Office. In addition, most permits have requirement listings and mandatory worksheets that must accompany the application.

Requirements and Worksheets

When do I need a building permit?

Some examples of when building permits are required are listed below. It is recommended to always double check requirements with the Town office prior to commencing any project.

  • Renovations that involve changes to the structure or systems of a home
  • New buildings over 100 square feet in area
  • Additions
  • Garages and carports
  • Porches, decks and roofs of decks
  • Steps over 2 feet high

When do I need a demolition or moving permit?

Any assessable (taxable) property or portions thereof being removed or added require a demolition or moving permit, respectively.

How much are permits?

Permits begin at $105 and vary depending on the type of the project. Fees are as follows:


New Fee (May 2018)

Decks (100 sq. ft. or less)


Decks (Over 100 sq. ft.)


Deck with Roof

(combined price)


Roof over an existing Deck


Steps (>24 inches high)


Retaining Walls

(Engineer designs will be requested)


Shed (less than 200 sq. ft.) Anything bigger then 12×16 should be garage


Detached/ Attached Garage (finished or unfinished)


$468 (Freestanding, new build)


$252 (With a new build)




Basements (Open)


$488 (When lifting existing house)


$252 (With a new build) 

Basement (Complete)

$720 (When lifting existing house)


$504 (With a new build)





RTM (Only)

(Additions for;  basement, Garage, Deck) 



(Additions for;  basement, Garage, Deck) 

$0.68/sq ft + $392 mileage + $40 SAMA fees



$0.68/sq ft + $392 mileage + $40 SAMA fees


Special Follow-ups


Commercial (Class 2 & 3) Buildings < $120,000 value


Commercial (Class 2 & 3) Buildings $120,000 to $150,000 value


Commercial (Class 2 & 3) Buildings > $150,000 value

Inspector rates + 20% Administration and Enforcement Fee + $40 SAMA fees + applicable tax + travel


What are some examples of projects I do not need a building permit for?

Roofing (unless the changes are structural), painting, siding, flooring, cabinet installation, fences, driveways and replacement of windows and doors (provided the opening size is not changing).

What happens if I don’t get a permit before work commences or receive proper approvals from the Building Inspector?

This could result in:

  • Stop work orders being issued
  • Fines
  • Work needing to be re-done or demolished

Check with the Town Office for more details before commencing work.

Please note that additional permits may be required from utility providers and the Health Inspector, depending on the type of work.