Thrive Update

Thrive Update

You may remember hearing about Thrive Saskatchewan as we ran the poll asking if you want to see more of our local gopher. Read what else they’ve been up to here.


Thrive Saskatchewan committee hits the ground running with initiatives.

Led by Economic Development Director Jody Schmidt, a committee of local representatives have identified a few great opportunities to advance culture, recreation and business opportunities in Eston.

You may have noticed polls that ran near the end of the year surrounding Eston’s gopher, and gauging the interest of the community in bringing him back to the spotlight as an identifier for Eston. The results were a resounding success – Eston loves the gopher and definitely wants to see more of him. The Thrive committee wasted no time in implementing this strategy – the gopher is already set to make an appearance at local hockey games, the statue at the end of Main street will soon be adorned with a plaque giving information about its history and a local community group has even expressed interest in dressing him to celebrate holidays and events! Some cities may look to a groundhog in order to determine how long the winter will last – Eston will look to the trusty Gopher. Over the coming months, residents can expect to see more of the gopher in a variety of advertisements and marketing materials. Community members are invited to share in the fun and submit their own original gopher design at

Eston is a community which takes pride in our properties and green spaces. The Thrive committee have a plan to add an Urban Orchard to our Town. Targeted to be near DTs and the new Central Palins Co-op location, the Urban Orchard will take advantage of grants available to the community to allow a revitalized outdoor space for residents and those passing through to enjoy. “During the warm months especially, Eston residents really enjoy the outdoors” Schmidt said. “An urban orchard near our restaurants and the new Co-op location will be the perfect space for people to meet for a visit, or even enjoy a meal together outside.”

One event that the committee found was really missed in Eston the past few years was the River Trek. Eston has many athletes who enjoyed participating in the different running events in Town, and local businesses enjoyed the boost in visitor spending that weekend.  “Our committee is looking at bringing back the River Trek, but with a modern twist” said Schmidt. Potential updates to the River Trek include adding a fun component akin to Colour Me Rad, or using materials donated from a local business to create an obstacle run.

Last but definitely not least, the committee is looking to create a regular farmers market in Town. Showcasing local artisans and travelling salespeople, hosting a Farmers Market consistently on regular days will encourage people to come and shop in our community. With the unpredictable weather in West Central Saskatchewan, the Thrive committee is looking at different indoor options to ensure the market runs regardless of what mother nature is doing.

If you are interested in learning more about the Thrive Saskatchewan committee and the work they are doing in Eston, please visit or contact the Town Office.