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How to Donate

We would like to thank everyone who is considering donating to this worthy cause! If you would like to donate, please view the donation request letter and fill out and send in a donation form, or fill out the form below.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the facilitators of this project by phone or email:

Mitch Lonnberg – 306-402-7297 –

Erin Simpson – 306-260-6773 –

Thank-you to our current sign square supporters!

AECOM Canada Ltd.

Jayden Aitken

Stacy Aitken

Edward Aitken

Mason Aitken

Bayer Crop Science

Fred Benson

Lona Benson

Central Plains Cooperative Ltd.

ECS Class of 2012

Close Hauta Bertoia Blanchette

Elden & Marj Crowshaw

Derek & Nicole

Travis & Ali Dressler

DT’s Restaurant Ltd.

Eston Dental Clinic

Eston Lions Club

Bill & Gwen Etter

Daryle Froystad

Lisa Froystad

Eric Froystad

Delanie Froystad

Froystad Farm Ltd

G & E Farms Inc

Shari Gardiner

Brynn & Megan Hartsook

Isaac Hintze

Bob & Karen Holmes

Lori Houston

Sawyer Howe

Jake Howe

Collyns Howe

Brooks Howe

Wilda Hungerford

Trent Ilott

Karla Ilott

Jocelyn Ilott

Alex Ilott

Carter Ilott

Cherene & Brent Ilott

Kevin & Sherry James

K & S Japp

Japp Construction inc

Allan Jardine

Don Kalil

Garnet Keeler

Knight Farms Ltd

L and W Thome Farming

Breir Lonnberg

Banks Lonnberg

Camrie Lonnberg

Eugene & Ona Lonnberg

Lorass Enviornmental Services Ltd

M. Clarke Family

Manic Ventures

Marble Family

Mathers Farm Consulting Ltd

Jonathan & Morgan Meyer

R&L Mickleborough

Val & Wayne Mohan

Kevin Mohan

Leah Mohan

Theo Mohan

Halle Mohan

Dick & Sandy Mooney

Rick & Maureen Morrice

Bob & Cheryl Mullock

New Line Trenchless Technologies

Nic’s & Cuts

Oliphant Farms

Olorenshaw Farm Services Ltd.

P. Machibroda Engineering Ltd.

PCCU Insurance

Pioneer Grove Ent Ltd.

Prairie Centre Credit Union

R. Oliphant Farms Ltd.

Reinbold Electric Ltd.

Glenn & Deanna Ridalls

Robertson Stromberg LLP

Linda Simpson

Erin & Jay Simpson

Colton Simpson

Grayson Simpson

Noah Simpson

Wayne & Sandra Sinclair

Don Sweitzer

Ron Tessier

Les Thome

Wilma Thome

Titanium Heating & Cooling

Toner Family

Triways Disposal

Audrey Tumback

WaterMark Consulting Ltd

Joseph & Nancy Whitebear Kleppe

Austin Septic

William & Elizabeth Bertram

Kindersley Castle

Farmlink Marketing Solutions Ltd.

Tonia, Conrad & Shirley Logan

Jim Holland

McLean Farming Co.

Peter & Maureen Cumiskey

Shay Brehm

Trevor, Grecia, & Aiden Tessier

Bill & Sandra Owens

Eston Wrestling Club

Bridgette Knight Club

Bradley Knight

Kera Knight

Ella Knight

Dax Knight

Patrick A McLean Farms

Pat McLean

Faye McLean

Halen McLean

Nicco McLean

Charlie Faye McLean

Darcy & Traci Morrice

Emma Morrice

Alexa Morrice

Ara Morrice

As a group: Ella Knight, Eva Jackson, Nya Andrew, Nyelle McIvor, & Ara Morrice

Dwight & Jennifer Gross

David Hewlitt

Christina Hewlitt

Tanner Hewlitt

Morris Andrews

Marion Andrews

Haaken Pittman

Jensen Pittman

Wells Poulter

Scott & Vanessa Poulter

Roger & Karen McLean

Bob & Myrna Hauta

Cecil Shea

Mary Lou Shea

Oliphant Farms

Worfolk Family

Shelby Robinson

David & Nicole Osterwoldt

Duke Irwin

Duke 1 Contracting

Glenn & Wanda Goheen

Merle Byrnes

Creo Hartsook

Rider Hartsook

Eston Midgets (2019/20 & 2020/21)

Glenn & Pat Byrnes

Eston 95 Lions

Garrett McLean

Sarah McLean

Adara McLean

Preston McLean

Connor McLean

Gary&Bobbi Brehm

Bob & Susan McCloskey

Brian & Brenda Robinson

Donnie Hartsook

Jocelyn Hartsook

Jack Hartsook

Maura Hartsook

Jane Hartsook

Miles Fleischfresser

*This section will be updated periodically (As of August 25,2021)

About the Project

Our aging AGT Community Centre is in need of major ice surface repairs read more


Shake the Foundation July Press Release