Notice of Call for Nominations

Municipal By-Election

Due to the vacancy on Council left by the resignation of Kirk Cumiskey, the Town of Eston is seeking to fill the following positions:

Councillor:                   Town of Eston

Number to be elected: 1

Nomination forms will be received by the undersigned at the Town of Eston Office, 217 Main St, during regular office hours (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday) from:

May 9, 2018 to May 24, 2018 at 4pm

Nomination forms may be obtained online or the following location:

Town of Eston Office – 217 Main St

Dated May 9, 2018. J. Schmidt, Returning Officer.




It’s not crucial to have education or experience in a government setting to run as a candidate. You likely have skills, knowledge and abilities that are transferable to the elected official’s role.

You may want to undertake a self-assessment of your skills prior to running for elected office.

Think about your:

  • volunteer experience
  • community involvement
  • work experience
  • membership in different organizations
  • family life

Often your experiences have taught you how to:

  • work as part of a team
  • organize and prioritize
  • make decisions
  • debate
  • lead


To be a candidate in your municipal election, you must be:

  • 18 years of age on election day;
  • a Canadian citizen at the time you submit your nomination paper; and
  • eligible to be nominated under relevant guidelines set out in The Local Government Election Act, 2015, or any other Act.

In addition to meeting general requirements, you need to be mindful of specific criteria you must meet depending on the type of municipality in which you are considering running for office. Contact the administrator of your municipality for further information on eligibility criteria.


The Nomination Process

After your municipality publishes a “Notice of Call for Nominations”, you can file a nomination using the prescribed form. The municipal administrator, returning officer or city clerk will be able to provide you with that form and advice on filling out the information.  

You must complete all nomination forms in their entirety, including the Candidate’s Acceptance portion, and if required, an accompanying Results of Criminal Record Check for Candidate for Election form and the criminal record check.  You submit your completed form to the returning officer or nomination officer in the municipality.

Urban Municipalities
In an urban municipalities with a population below 20,000 the following applies:

  • If you are running for Councillor and the municipality is divided into wards, your nomination form must be signed by five electors in the ward you are considering running in.

For more information on municipal government and the election process, please visit www.saskatchewan.ca/government/municipal-administration/elections/running-for-municipal-office#the-nomination-process