Municipal By-Election

Due to the vacancy on Council left by the resignation of Shari Collinge, the Town of Eston is seeking to fill the following positions:

Councillor:                   Town of Eston

Number to be elected: 1

Call for Nominations

Candidate Eligibility

Persons eligible for nomination as a candidate in an urban municipality must:

  • be at least 18 years old on Election Day;
  • be a Canadian citizen;
  • have resided in the Town for at least three consecutive months immediately preceding the date nomination paper is submitted; and have resided in Saskatchewan for at least six consecutive months immediately preceding the date nomination paper is submitted.

Nomination forms must be signed by at least five voters of the Town. 

Nomination forms will be received by the undersigned at the Town of Eston Office

217 Main St

during regular office hours October 10, 2018 to October 31, 2018 at 4pm

Council’s Roles and Powers

Council’s main role is to provide leadership and to make policy. Council members make decisions about what services a municipality will provide to its citizens, how services will be provided, and at what level. You will rely on the support, advice and assistance of administration during the decision-making process. Once decided, administration is responsible for implementing the policies.

A municipality has powers similar to individuals and corporations that allow them to handle day-to-day operations. These powers include the authority to buy and sell land or enter into contracts for services or tendering work. Saskatchewan’s municipal legislation is available through Publications Saskatchewan and is separated into The Cities ActThe Municipalities Act and The Northern Municipalities Act, 2010.

The laws made at a municipal level are called bylaws. Actions of council are not effective unless authorized or adopted by bylaw or resolution at an official public meeting.


More information can be found at www.saskatchewan.ca/government/municipal-administration/elections/information-for-new-municipal-council-members#councils-roles-and-powers