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The Town of Eston and RM of Snipe Lake No. 259 offer a variety of resources to support business development and succession planning in the region. Learn more  about the demographics and other statistical information of the region.

Tax Incentives

The Town of Eston has a Business Development Tax Incentive  which offers tax exemptions for those that qualify in order to support the attraction and development of business in the community.

Business Licenses

Some businesses may be required to obtain a business license prior to commencing activities within the Town of Eston. The Business Licences Bylaw outlines licensing requirements. All businesses must complete and submit the Business License Application form.


The Town of Eston’s Community Economic Development Committee is always looking for ways to grow the local economy, and often reach out to the community for their needs and wants. Many opportunities for business development or value added business activities have been identified within the community. Some of these include:Bakery for Sale – A vacant bakery building presents a service gap within the community and an opportunity to provide bakery, coffee shop or restaurant services to Eston & District.

  • Value added to existing businesses such as:
    • Clothing
    • Specialty health foods
    • Dry cleaning
    • Grab and go meals
    • Specialty coffee shop items
    • Catering
    • ‘Dollar store’ type items
    • Extended business hours
  • New business opportunities such as:
    • Short, medium and long term accommodations
    • Apartment style housing 
    • Gymnastics programming
  • Industrial Lots – The Town has an array of prime industrial lots for sale that would be ideal for businesses such as oil field servicing, manufacturing and rental equipment.


In addition to the support of the Director of Economic Development, a variety of resources are available to new and existing businesses. Some of these include:

Business Feature

View the current Business Feature on restaurant and grill, ‘The Jug


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