Bylaws & Policies


The Town of Eston has a Bylaw Enforcement Officer who visits the community on a regular basis. To make the best use of limited resources, concerns are processed on a complaint-driven basis as they are brought to the attention of the Town Office. Those bringing concerns forward are asked to submit the information outlined on the Bylaw Concern Form by phone, email or in person.

*05MAY21* – The Town of Eston Administration and Council are aware that there has been another dog bite incident in our community. We are currently working on increased provisions in our bylaw to handle these situations promptly and with authority. Animals running at large will also be addressed. Council wants to protect all members of our community including the furry ones.

Please know Council is taking these situations very seriously and want to be proactive, this will not be tolerated in our community.

The community will be kept up to date with the updated bylaw and the search for an animal catcher.


Some of the most commonly requested Town of Eston bylaws are available below. All bylaws can be viewed at the Town Office. 

2020-8 Water and Sewer Services Bylaw

2020-4 Property Tax 

2020-2 Fire Services

2019-1 Council Procedures

2018-6 Water and Sewer Services Bylaw

2018-3 Environmental Services

2018-2 Business Licenses

2017-12 Zoning Bylaw

2017-11 Official Community Plan

2017-10 Amend Zoning Bylaw

2017-9 Sale of Municipal Reserve

2017-8 Emergency Measures

2017-7 Records Disposal

2017-4 Block 56 Lane Closure

2017-2 Expenditure Authorization Bylaw

2016-6 Prairie West District Plan

2016-3 Community Economic Development Board

2015-2 Centennial Park Municipal Reserve

2014-7 Establishment of Public Utility Board

2013-11 Nuisance Abatement

2013-2 Anti-Bullying Bylaw

2011-03 Animal Control Bylaw

2006-02 The Traffic Bylaw

2002-02 Snowmobile Bylaw

94-4 Noise Bylaw




Renumeration Policy (Council has taken a 10% reduction effective Fall 2020)