The Eston & District Landfill is jointly operated by the RM of Snipe Lake No. 259 and the Town of Eston. The landfill is located 2 miles straight east of Eston on Highway 44 and then 1 ½ miles south on the gravel road.

New hours will also be in effect January 1, 2017
Tuesday                8am-4pm
Thursday              8am-4pm (October to March)
            12pm-8pm (April to September)
Saturday               8am-4pm

Bill of Lading

Usage Guidelines

  • All vehicles must register before entering the landfill.
  • A Bill of Landing is required for each load brought to the landfill.
  • Loads will be inspected by the Landfill Attendant to verify contents.
  • Contents must be sorted by type and placed in the proper area as directed by the Landfill Attendant.
  • The Eston & District Landfill reserves the right to turn away contents at the discretion of the Landfill Attendant.
  • Access outside of regular hours can be obtained based on staff availability and can be booked through the Town Office at a rate of $25 per trip during business hours and $50 per trip outside of business hours in addition to regular landfill rates. Receipts must be presented upon entering the landfill.
  • Proof of residency or land ownership in the RM of Snipe Lake or the Town of Eston is required in order to access resident rates.
  • Scavenging is prohibited.

Accepted Items

  • Trees, leaves, branches, grass clippings, clean wood
  • Furniture
  • Propane tanks
  • Steel (must be smaller than 4 x 4 pieces)
  • Appliances (must be Freon free; only those not accepted by SARCAN)
  • Construction rubble, demolition debris, renovation materials including (charges apply)
  • Cement, asphalt, concrete (charges apply; must be separated)

Waste items do not have to be bagged but materials must be strapped down when transporting.


Not Accepted Items

  • Recyclable materials accepted at the Recycle Centre including all cardboard, paper, glass, tin, certain plastics
  • SARCAN accepted materials
  • Tires, batteries, oil
  • Hazardous substances
  • Pressurized tanks
  • Grain or silage bags
  • Used chemical containers
  • Carcasses and hides
  • Grain
  • Motorized vehicles and water crafts
  • Fuel tanks
  • Asbestos
  • Contaminated soil
  • Grease tubes 

Other items not listed under accepted or not accepted items will be accepted at the discretion of the landfill attendants.

Grain Bag Recycling
4 Hire Welding out of Eatonia accepts grain bags. Grain bags can be dropped off at their farm site just north of town and must be properly rolled. A roller is available for rent or hire if needed. For more information call 306-967-9353 or 403-990-2098.