The R.M. of Snipe Lake No. 259 would like to announce their partnership with Roadata Services Ltd. to provide all road permitting as of June 8, 2016.

ANY loads (Agricultural or Commercial) that exceed secondary weights will require either a single trip or annual permit.To obtain a permit please contact Roadata at 1-844-232-7275.


Road Policy

The road infrastructure in the RM is intended for public use. We recognize that business; both Ag and Oil rely upon the road infrastructure for their livelihood. However, there are times when the demands placed upon the roads by truck traffic often exceed the capacity of the roads, resulting in damage to the roadways that render the roads un-safe. Therefore, the goal of the following policy is intended to preserve the road infrastructure by reducing road damage with the outcome of:
*Minimizing publically funded maintenance costs
* Protecting safety of all road users
Resolution 2013-135
1. Follow the timing rules of the Provincial road bans (350lbs/inch tire width) on DRY or FROZEN ROADS
2. The RM can at any time restrict the weight on any or all roads to a MAXIMUM of 5 TONNES by posting signs at either end of the road.
3. Oil companies will be asked to submit a prioritized list of preferred roads they wish to haul oil on
4. NO DRILLING RIGS OR SERVICE RIGS will be allowed to move while the road bans are in effect
5. All mud lumps left on road allowances (grid and/or dirt roads must be removed DAILY before they freeze
6. There will be not towing of any vehicle or piece of equipment form a lease onto our road allowance
7. There will be no chains on any vehicle or piece of equipment on the road and/or road allowance
8. There will be no loading of a vehicle or piece of equipment that you have caused to be parked on any RM road allowance
9. All rig movement requires written permission from the RM and is valid for a 24 hour period only
10. The person or business responsible for frequent oil hauls will enter into a “Road Use Agreement” (available at the RM office) with
The RM on an annual basis in recognition of their willingness to comply with the provision of this policy.
For more information or clarification regarding this policy or any other questions you may have, please contact the Administrator at 306-962-3214


Road Bans