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Feature Business December 2016 
The RM of Snipe Lake No 259
Snipe Logo
Thanks to the RM of Snipe Lake for joining in the feature business fun! This article was written by this hard working crew, we hope that you enjoy getting to know them a little bit better.

Name: Sandy King

Title: Administrative Assistant & Communications Officer

Description: Sandy is the face and voice of the RM of Snipe Lake. Sandy started working with us in November of 2015 and she has been a good fit to the RM’s administrative team. With a friendly, bright, cheery voice she has learned remarkably fast to field all manner of questions from information about the cemetery to rig moves in the oil field. Accounts payable, the Eston Cemetery, accounts receivable as it pertains to custom work and gravel inventory control all fall under into her very capable hands as well as taking control of the ever ringing phone. Sandy has also been filling in as the Payroll Clerk and is helping the employees navigate any questions concerning their payroll and their health and dental insurance plan. Sandy has started taking the Local Government courses at the University of Regina and is presently working towards her “C” certificate. Sandy, her husband Ward and 3 children moved to Eston in 2011 from Medicine Hat, AB. They are a talented family as Sandy loves to garden and do crafts and Ward is a Journeyman Carpenter.  Any free time that Sandy has she volunteers on the Communities in Bloom committee. The RM is proud to have attracted both Sandy and Ward to work with them.

Name: Iva Serfas

Title: Oil & Gas Administrator

Description: Iva joined the RM Administrative team in May of 2014 as the part-time Oil and Gas Administrator. She quickly proved how knowledgeable and capable she is in all areas of the oil & gas sector. Iva’s work increased almost daily (at least that’s how it felt at the time) as the oil & gas industry just keep on drilling more and more wells. When an opportunity came to advance up the “Administrative” ladder Iva moved into a full-time position in the winter of 2015 where she brought her oil & gas portfolio and combined it with the partial Finance/Payroll position.  Iva is a very meticulous, detail oriented person and absolutely excelled in the position. She completed her Local Government degree and has received her “Certificate of Qualification” for her “C” certificate. Due to other business ventures Iva resigned from her position in the early fall of 2016. But we didn’t want to let her completely go. We developed a “Contract Oil & Gas” position that would see the oil and gas portion of work still being done by Iva but it would be done in her home.  This was an excellent way for the RM to keep a valued employee but to give her the time to develop her business venture. Iva and her husband Lawrence have a mixed farm North of Eston with their 2 children.    

Name: Laura Saar

Title: Finance Assistant

Description: Laura will be joining the RM’s Administrative team in early Nov. of 2016. Laura comes to us from Ontario and most recently from Saskatoon. She is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Public Policy which will round out her Bachelor of Commerce degree with honours in Economics. Laura has been in school since 2008 and is tremendously excited to be coming to Eston. Laura and boyfriend, Darren Robinson, have just purchased the yardsite on the SW 18-27-20-W3M (Ron & Eugene Healeys yard). It will make a quick drive for Darren as he will be farming with his mom & dad, Brenda & Brian Robinson. We are excited to welcome Laura to the RM’s administrative team.

Name: Debra Shaw

Title: Administrator

Description: Deb joined the RM in Jan. of 2008 and previous to that she worked for 15 years at various RM’s learning the different ways that they operated. Rural life and agriculture have always run through Debbie’s veins as she was born and raised on a large mixed farm in the Hazlet area. Many a pail of chop and wagons full of bales have passed through her hands (hey, RM shop guys, that why she can hit a golf ball further than you!! Ha, ha). As of 2017 Debbie will have almost 25 years of rural municipal administrator experience with another 10 years of financial and office experience before that.  There is nothing Debbie loves more than dissecting a good financial puzzle. When Deb started in her RM career she did manual recording of finances into huge ledgers and now its all done in the current computer accounting system. She has an Administration degree and a Local Government degree having attained a Rural Class “A” qualification in Rural Administration. Deb enjoys learning from the people she works with as everyone has something that they bring to their job.  Debbie and Virgil have been married for 38 years and have 4 children (they called them 2 sets of twins as their first 2 girls were only 11 months to the day apart and then the set of twins (girl and a boy) were born 6 years later). They have 2 grandbabies (they assure her that now that they are 16 and 13 they aren’t babies anymore) with another one in the incubator getting ready for delivery in May of 2017. Deb loves the work required in an RM and loves the challenge of meshing the ideas of ratepayers, employees and council into a workable solution that can meet the needs both financial and practical of the RM today and tomorrow.






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