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Healthcare Retention Application

The Eston & District Health Care Incentives Committee was formed to assist in the recruitment of employees so 24-hour Emergency Medical Services can be maintained in the Eston Integrated Health Care Facility.

Some of the professions that we consider critical to maintaining the 24-hour Emergency Medical Services at the Eston Integrated Health Care Facility are employees in the following professions: Registered Nurses, Lab, X-Ray, and Emergency Medical Services personnel.

When the Eston & District Health Care Incentives Comittee recieves a request for assistance we can assist in the recruitment of these employees and we can offer them an incentive to move here and work at the eston Integrated Health Care Facility.  Some examples of incentives previously awarded include, but are not limited to: student loan payments, housing allowances, moving expenses etc.

All those interested must complete the attached application . The following criteria will be used to evaluate all applications:

  • The incentives are granted on an individual basis.
  • These incentives are not guaranteed and are dependant upon available funds.
  • All incentives are reviewed on an annual basis.

The applicant will recieve written notification of the comittee's decicion. If you have any further questions, or for more details please contact the RM office 306-962-3214.

Downloads: Application

Dr. Stewart Holmes Scholarship

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Dr. Stewart Holmes Scholarship Brochure

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