Eston CATV Cooperative



Welcome to TV service in Eston. Eston has its own TV cable system –best and lowest cost TV service in the country. It is operated as a cooperative and run by a volunteer board of directors that are elected by members of the cooperative. You are a member of the cooperative when you subscribe to the cable service.

To get TV cable service you may apply at the Library (across street from the Town Office). Complete the application, select the type of service you want and how you want to pay for it.

Type of service:

1. Analog Service – 40 channels

$330 annually, $90 quarterly, $33 monthly (can be paid automatically through local financial institutions.

2. Digital Service – 40 analog channels, 65 standard digital channels, 17 HD channels

$575 annually, $150 quarterly, $55 a month and you must purchase a set top box. Set top boxes can be purchased for $265 for 3400 DCX

For further information contact Shannon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 306-962-4204; please leave a message.




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