Snipe Lake Columbaria


Single Plot - $ 200 / each
Opening/ Closing Gravesites:
Within RM - $ 440 / each
Outside RM - $ 880/ each
Cremations - $ 100/ each
Saturday & Holiday Surcharge  - $ 200

Columbaria - $1,500.00/niche with a max. of 2 (Two) urns/niche

Plaque for Columbaria - $250.00 and is order through the RM Office – 306-962-3214.
All prices are plus GST and are subject to change without notice.

Plots are available for purchase at the RM Office. Plots are sold in sequence. 
We do have a cemetery policy in regards to headstones, urns, locations and other objects, please contact the RM Office for a copy of this Policy.


There is a book of all burials at the cemetary in our gazebo. This book has names and locations that correspond to a map that is posted. A digital copy can be found here.  If you find a mistake or have a question, please let us know.
For all Cemetery needs please Contact the RM Office at 306-962-3214.